The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2018

Meet and hear the decisionmakers making the news in the columns of Finance Dublin & Aviation Finance in 2018

The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2018 will build on the successes of the 2017 Summit to bring together decisionmakers and thought leaders in the IFS industry to address the issues facing growth-oriented financial services businesses in 2019 and 2020. Asset Management, Funds, Banking, and Aviation Finance, where Ireland is one of the world's foremost hubs, will feature specially in the 2018 event, offering special opportunities for business development between the aviation finance sector, financing 3% of global GDP, and other key global FS business hubs in Ireland. The Summit will offer delegates a comprehensive choice of sector and topic- driven panels, building on the strengths of powerful presentations and sessions in the 2017 summit, for example in blockchain and debt securities. See photos of the The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2017 here, and at #FCSDublin2017. See also: the speakers at the October 2017 Summit.

The Summit will offer delegates the opportunity to interface directly with the people behind the topics in the columns of Finance Dublin and Aviation Finance, read fortnightly in over 80 countries.

The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2018, with two principal plenary streams on October 3rd 2018 will be preceded by a series of supporting events in the first day of the Summit on Tuesday October 2nd, details of which will be published in the early months of 2018. They will provide companies engaged in financial services businesses in Ireland with a cross-sectoral platform, bringing together in one event delegates and speakers specialist in the foremost financial services hubs in Ireland. The emphasis at the summit will be business development, and will offer unparalleled opportunities for networking in an event that will provide groundbreaking content.

The event will accordingly provide exceptional and unique marketing and business development opportunities, supported not just by the event itself but in the global digital platforms of Finance Dublin and Aviation Finance with combined annual page views running at over 2.75 million (with over 400,000 annual visits) (January 2018 statistics). The 2017 Summit had over 365 registered delegates. Booking for the 2018 event will commence in February 2018, with 'earlybird' rates available.

Included in the Agenda for the 2018 Summit are:

  • The IFS Outlook 2019-2020
  • The outlook for interest rates and the sensitivity of the main FS equity classes, including the major global banking groups
  • The drivers of the world's monetary economy 2020 – with reference to the main global currency blocs
  • The implications for the global Asset Management industry
  • The implications for Aircraft Financing
  • Case Studies 2018
  • The implications for Insurance
  • Regulatory developments and their importance
  • Fintech developments and their predicted impact in 2019-2020: - in asset management; retail and corporate banking; financial and funds administration; payments and insurance
  • Which financial centres are rising, and why.