Brexit, the opportunities for the financial services industry

Ireland, the UK, Europe and the world, and the opportunities arising from and beyond Brexit were at the centre of FCSDublin, 2019, and its 50 plus speakers, with representatives of the entire Irish IFS industry, along with global speakers including the former UK Chancellor Ken Clarke, and USA SEC Chairman Jay Clayton who addressed the positive opportunities arising for the financial services industry from Brexit in Dublin Castle, October 16th 2019.

Building bridges, making links

The Summit Agenda had the theme of building bridges between financial services centres globally, through the development of mutual recognition and common standards, be they through common legal systems and global regulatory and financial standards.

FS Sectors: Asset management; Investment banking; Aviation Finance; Banking/Treasury & Insurance/reinsurance

Industry issues: Innovation in financial services; The development of public markets; Fintech; Regtech; ESG; Innovative product development in asset management, Education and Structured finance

Centres, Jurisdictions and Economic Areas Represented: Ireland; USA; UK; European Union; OECD.