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Finance Dublin provides a monthly and annual platform dedicated to the evolution of Ireland's international financial services industry - the only fully Common Law Financial Services Jurisdiction in the EU after Brexit. In providing insightful commentary and analysis on the stories of the international financial services industry, and the forces, problems, and preoccupations driving it, the publication is a high level resource read by decision makers.

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Features, Reports and Publications

The Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards 2019 - See the latest Awards edition. See also Finance Dublin's Investment Funds Ireland Report November 2019, 'Global Strategies in Asset Management' and The Annual Corporate Banking in Ireland Report.

More Finance Dublin Special Publications & Research Reports :- FinTech, Brexit and Employment Trends in Ireland's IFS Industry, a Research Report by Deloitte & Finance Dublin - The Finance Dublin and Deloitte Research Report found that 40% of Ireland's IFS companies expected Brexit to have a positive impact on headcount, against 7% saying it will cut jobs. The survey, amongst 500 companies in the Finance Dublin Yearbook, also found that employment increased amongst the companies surveyed in the year by 4.6 per cent and that Regulation and Supervision issues were the most important concerns.

See also The Dillon Eustace Regulatory Quarterly Update here and The EY Brexit Special Report.

Finance Dublin and its special publications

Finance Dublin is the industry journal dedicated to Ireland's financial services industry, a principal export pillar of Ireland's economy, the fastest growing in Western Europe, in many respects on account of its fast growing IFS industry. Independent of the industry and Government, it provides a 'fourth estate' to the Irish IFS industry, and the European and global forces driving it. It informs and updates readers 11 times a year on the companies, decisionmakers and views of the thought leaders working in the global cross border financial services industry. Finance Dublin is available in both print, online on epaper and in html.

History: the print publication, Finance Dublin was merged with Finance Magazine in 2009, maintaining the continuous monthly analysis of finance provided by its publisher, Fintel Publications, since June 1987, when the first issue of Finance Magazine was published.

The Irish Tax Monitor is published every month in Finance Dublin. The Irish Tax Monitor delivers a focus on tax advice, delivered by leading professional writers in the tax field in Ireland. Its aim is to produce a publication that delivers practical tax guidance to decision makers in the broad corporate and IFS sectors. It also focuses forensically on global events, developments and initiatives likely to impact on Irish companies. Please contact us at if you would like further information as to how to become a contributor of the Tax Monitor.

Digital and print advertising in Finance Dublin

Average unique monthly visitors to Finance Dublin ran at 10,675 in 2018*. Including average monthly unique visitors on the and site with those on the Finance Dublin site, the overall Finance Dublin platform saw average unique monthly visitors in 2018 of 23,615 people. Total Visits to the sites in the same period were 508,420, and page impressions were 2.825 million. ( 'Viewed traffic' i.e. excluding bots, etc).

In print, and in e-paper format Finance Dublin and the Yearbook has a direct per-issue readership of over 6,000 per month, supplementing the above online exposure.

Our Web Advertising offers include exclusive month-long Banner and Rectangle adverts running on the Finance Dublin and Finance Magazine, and Finance Dublin e-zine (rich text subscriber email), and Finance Dublin Homepages. 'Sponsored articles' on the homepage of are another option. Please contact us and we can email you examples of previous online advertisements.

The Finance Dublin Yearbook

The Finance Dublin Yearbook, each year profiles the steady evolution of Ireland as an international financial centre. It identifies new and important emerging sectors, for example asset management, and finance-related legal services, as well as providing the most comprehensive and in-depth profile of the established international financial services companies and professional advisers that comprise Ireland’s international financial services industry.

The Finance Dublin Yearbook 2019 edition in its print and epaper versions profiles a thriving industry that is growing in depth and diversity. A new editorial section of the publication in 2019 profiles Ireland as one of Europe's leading common law jurisdictions for finance and financial services, a feature of the country that is cherished by the Irish Government and the Chief Justice of Ireland. Aside from the publication’s core sections, its ‘A to Z ‘company profiles, and its ‘Whos Who’, State, and industry body profiles, it also provides a forum of leading players in the industry.

The Yearbook is part of the annual cycle of Finance Dublin, reflecting the story of the past year and the outlook looking forward. Its Profile sections offer a substantive guide, Post-Brexit, to Republic of Ireland FS e.g. for UK institutions charged with developing a post Brexit regulatory plan providing individual profiles of over 400 institutions who are active in the centre, including IFS companies, Professional Services Advisors, Market Infrastructures and State and Representative bodies. Please click here to see the current edition.

Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, Ireland

To 2025 and beyond' - the big issues facing global financial services

The Financial Centres Summit, FCSDublin, 2019, on October 16th, will focus on Ireland's emerging lead role within EU27 as an alternative location for UK based FS businesses and how its businesses, institutions and professional advisers can provide a global financial services bridge for Europe, Britain, the US, and the transatlantic partnership, as well as the world as one, including China, (Austral) Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Over fifty inspiring speakers from the coalface of IFS and aviation finance will address our two parallel Conferences on October 15th: The Aviation Finance Conference 2019 and on October 16th, The Financial Centres Summit 2019.

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Aviation Finance - our world-leading publication on the financing and economics of air transport - 3 p.c. of global GDP - the careers and jobs website of Finance magazine & Finance Dublin - Ireland's financial services magazine, established in 1987.

The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 15th & 16th October, 2019

The Aviation Finance Conference - 15th October, and The Financial Centres Summit, 16th October, 2019.

Read the Social Media about it on our Summit Homepage Social Media feed on Twitter here and here.

Dates for your diary 2020 & 2021: The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin & The Aviation Finance Conference - 20th & 21st October 2020; The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin & The Aviation Finance Conference - 19th & 20th October 2021.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities are available for The Financial Centres Summit and Aviation Finance Conference 2020 and 2021. For further details and rates please e-mail Martina Bermingham at: or phone us: 353 1 293 0566. To see the forward Editorial Calendar for Finance Dublin please request a copy by email here or contact Gary Culliton, John Stanley or Dustin O'Neill at tel: 353 1 293 0566.