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Finance Dublin provides a focused analysis of the factors behind the evolution of Ireland's continuously expanding international financial services industry. By providing independent evidence-based commentary on the stories of the financial services industry, its people and businesses, the publication is an educational resource for readers.

Finance Dublin and its special publications

Finance Dublin is the industry journal and website dedicated to Ireland's financial services industry, one of the principal export pillars of Ireland's economy. Independent of the industry and Government, it provides a 'fourth estate' to the IFS industry. It informs and updates readers on the companies, decisionmakers and views of the thought leaders working in Ireland's financial services industry, one of the most dynamic financial centres in the world.

The Irish Tax Monitor a rich harvest for commentary on Tax, is published every month in Finance Dublin. The Irish Tax Monitor delivers a focus on tax advice, delivered by leading professional writers in the tax field in Ireland. Its aim is to produce a publication that delivers practical tax guidance to decision makers in the broad corporate and IFS sectors. It also focuses forensically on global events, developments and initiatives likely to impact on Irish companies. Please contact us at if you would like further information as to how to become a contributor of the Tax Monitor.

Finance Dublin's quarterly Funds Monitor was launched in January 2021, featuring the insights of a Roundtable of leading thought leaders in the Asset Management and Investment Funds industry. See here for more information.

The Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards 2020 - See the latest Awards edition. See also Finance Dublin's Investment Funds Ireland Report December 2020, 'A black swan' year for Ireland's investment funds industry and The Finance Dublin Corporate Banking in Ireland Report.

Please see The Dillon Eustace Regulatory Quarterly Update here.

Its websites & publications include:

FINANCE DUBLIN - Ireland's finance publication, with IFS news and analysis

The Finance Dublin Yearbook

The Finance Dublin Yearbook, each year profiles the steady evolution of Ireland as an international financial centre. It identifies new and important emerging sectors, for example asset management, and finance-related legal services, as well as providing the most comprehensive and in-depth profile of the established international financial services companies and professional advisers that comprise Ireland’s international financial services industry.

The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2019

The Aviation Finance Conference and The Financial Centres Summit, 2019.

Read the Social Media about it on our Summit Homepage Social Media feed on Twitter here and here.

AVIATION FINANCE - our world-leading publication on the financing and economics of air transport - 3 p.c. of global GDP - the careers and jobs website of Finance magazine & Finance Dublin


History: the print publication, Finance Dublin was merged with Finance Magazine in 2009, continuing the continuous monthly analysis of finance in Ireland provided since June 1987, when the first issue of Finance Magazine was published. Finance Dublin was established in 1996, as a consequence of the growing IFSC content of Finance Magazine which was first published in June 1987.

Fintel's Global Financial Centres (GFC) Conferences have been seminal, as have its conferences on securitisation and debt capital markets, having been one of the very first forums in the world to bring attention to anomalous pricing issues in the run up to the global financial crisis (2006). It also has been credited with being the first publication to seriously question pricing levels in the Irish housing market (in 2000, and before). Its publication Aviation Finance, established in 2011, is a leading aviation finance industry publication, serving one of the most global of industries.


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Editorial and Research

We are committed to balanced discourse in ideas, promoting inclusion and tolerance of the differing perspectives on the major stories of global finance and their effect on financial centres such as Ireland. We seek to publish evidence based and objective information, taking note of Francis Bacon's observation: "It cannot be that axioms established by argumentation can suffice for the discovery of new works, for the subtilty of nature exceedeth many times over the subtilty of argument" ( Francis Bacon, Novum Organon).

Although Finance Dublin has been variously described as a 'flagship' of the IFSC and indeed its 'bible', it is an independent commercial publication, published by Fintel Ltd. It seeks to provide an all inclusive forum for the expression of differing perspectives, and to reflect the unique contributions of all stakeholders in the industry.

In publishing content relating to quoted securities, Fintel and its employees subscribe to a voluntary code of conduct which includes recognition of the principles relating to publications and publishing organisations in the European Union's MIFID ('The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive' - 2004/39/EC).