The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry
Wednesday, 12th June 2024


Welcome to the online edition of the Finance Dublin Yearbook. The Yearbook is the annual publication of Finance Dublin. It complements the monthly publications that are issued during the course of the year, providing a forward-looking overview of key developments in Ireland as a financial services jurisdiction, and its vital parts, the companies and people who make it a reality. The online edition provides a 'Who's Who' and Digital Platform for those vital parts.

The Yearbook provides a 'shop window' of Ireland (ROI) as an international financial services jurisdiction. The Review & Outlook section of the latest E-paper edition profiles the Republic of Ireland's position as the EU's foremost 'common law' jurisdiction for finance and financial services. Aside from the publication’s editorial sections, its ‘Who's Who’ & Professional Services Guide, its ‘A to Z ‘ IFS company profiles, and its Sovereign, Regulatory and industry body profiles, it provides an unique platform for innovation and world-leading thought leadership.

The Yearbook is part of the annual cycle of Finance Dublin, reflecting the story of the past year and the outlook looking forward. Its Profile sections offer a substantive guide, providing dynamic profiles of people, companies, and institutions who are active in the jurisdiction, including FS companies, Professional Services Advisers, Market Infrastructures and State and Representative bodies.

The current edition is the 30th annual edition of the Yearbook, which was first published in 1992. If you have a subscription to Finance Dublin you can access all of the back issues here.

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The FINANCE DUBLIN International Financial Services companies Directory profiles hundreds of companies from over 50 jurisdictions operating from the Republic of Ireland. The profiles provide an unique compilation of the histories of these institutions, both in Ireland and in their home countries of origin. The search function in the online guide provides profiles of firms delivering cross border services across many financial services markets including banking, aircraft leasing, asset management, securities and investment fund services, structured finance, asset finance, insurance, reinsurance, life, and captive insurance from the jurisdiction.


The Yearbook's listings of Regulatory, State and Representative Bodies. The representative bodies are industry associations, and lobbies, many of whom are affiliated to other EU bodies representing sectors of the IFS industry at EU level.


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Ireland is host to some of the world's leading professional advisory practices with some of the top global advisers in a range of specialist financial services disciplines, including aircraft leasing, asset management, structured finance, insurance and multinational corporate taxation in a leading common law jurisdiction that is also a member of the European Union. Click here.

The Finance Dublin Yearbook includes the Finance Dublin Professional Services Guide & Directory. It is the unique resource of specialist expertise across a comprehensive range of financial services disciplines for the jurisdiction.

It is designed to be of use to dealmakers and service providers seeking to structure solutions based on the jurisdiction's legal and tax frameworks, for example in asset management and fund administration, insurance, aircraft financing and many other services. (These are listed in the "My IFSC" section, with listings of service providers in over 200 financial service categories).

The Finance Dublin Professional Services Guide complements the A-Z listings of companies in the Yearbook.