The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry
Sunday, 14th July 2024


Post the Great Financial Crisis, financial services globally has entered a dramatic period of change and innovation, possibly unmatched in breadth and scope of model challenge ever. This arises due to the interaction of regulatory change involving a reorientation of banking and credit, fintech developments, and regulatory and jurisdictional developments. Ireland as a financial centre has been involved at the centre of this change, and the Yearbook, and monthly issues of the publication focus on seminal developments.

The Finance Dublin Yearbook to Ireland's IFSC includes lists of the providers of transactions, payments and exchanges services, including clearance and settlement. It also provides a directory of computing and network facilities providers to the securities, funds, money and payments infrastructure in Ireland's International Financial Services industry.

The PSG and “Who’s Who” is an online searchable database which is a guide to the professional expertise in the jurisdiction under multiple specialisms. It features c.1,000 of the leading finance and financial professionals in the jurisdiction. The “Who’s Who” is a list of individual professionals attached to the leading (100+) PSG firms.

A perusal of the “Who’s Who” Sections of the PSG provides an impression of how important individual learned expertise of professional advisers is to the product that makes up Irish international financial services.

The corporate side of the PSG is fast evolving, particularly marked not just by personnel changes in the professional services sectors, but also corporate developments.


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