The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry
Sunday, 14th July 2024

    The Finance Dublin Yearbook, 2023 Edition is the 30th edition of Finance Dublin's annual review and progress report on the sectors, companies, and overall business of a jurisdiction that is one of the European Union's foremost international financial services platforms. Its increasingly specialist range of financial services business clusters are profiled in the publication’s ‘A to Z ‘ Directory of company profiles, and, its Professional Services ‘Whos Who’, profiles the firms and advisers of one of the leading professional services centres in Europe.

    For each of the major industry segments, the Yearbook provides overviews on opportunities, uncertainties, the forces of change, and the geopolitical factors, such as taxation, and Brexit, and their impact on the economics and business models of the IFS business sectors operating in Ireland. These include Banking models, including trading, treasury, investment banking, corporate, and retail; Investment Funds, Asset Management and Wealth Management; Insurance, reinsurance, speciality insurance, life assurance, and captive insurance; Aviation Finance, Aircraft leasing, Asset finance; Structured Finance & Debt Securities.

    The Yearbook is part of the annual cycle of Finance Dublin, reflecting the story of the past year and the outlook looking forward. Its Profile sections offer a substantive guide, Post-Brexit, to Republic of Ireland FS e.g. for UK institutions charged with developing a post Brexit regulatory plan providing individual profiles of over 400 leading institutions active in the centre, including IFS companies, Professional Services Advisors, Market Infrastructures and State and Representative bodies. The Yearbook also provides profiles of over 1,000 executives in its Company and 'Whos Who' sections.

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