Finance Dublin Yearbook 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of IFSC 's establishment in 1987
The annual Yearbook, now in its 24th edition profiles 579 institutions overall, including 500 companies in Ireland’s IFS industry; It profiles 38 'Market Infrastructures', Industry Representative bodies and public sector agencies, including IDA Ireland and the Departments of Finance and the Taoiseach, the Irish Stock Exchange and the Central Bank of Ireland as well as 41 professional services firms servicing Ireland’s IFS industry.
The Yearbook chronicles and analyses the developments that have led to Ireland becoming one of the leading financial services centres in the European Union.

The Yearbook has a special position in the annual cycle of Finance Dublin, reflecting the story of the past year and the outlook for Ireland's IFS industry. It is the first substantive guide, post-Brexit, to Ireland FS for incoming exiting institutions from London and it summarises the EU Directives which provide much of the Passporting framework for FS alongside its 579 individual company and institutional profiles in the 2017 edition - comprising 500 IFS companies, exactly, as it happens, and 79 Professional Servces, Market Infrastructures and State and Representative bodies.

The Yearbook provides a comprehensive guide to those platforms for international investors, profiling companies, with their rich resources of expertise and products, as well as the best-in-class regulatory and taxation frameworks that Ireland offers.