Delegate Polling at FCSDublin, 2018
Fintel has developed an online Polling system for delegates that will enable them (for both conferences) to record their opinions on a series of Key Questions at the various sessions at AFC,2018 in Georges' Hall and The Financial Centres Conference in The Hibernia Centre
The Polls (A Key Question pertinent to each of the sessions at the event can be answered on delegates' hand held devices and phones (using an unique Access Code).

The polls will run concurrently with the conference sessions. Delegates will be able to vote during the sessions, and indeed change their 'vote' during the sessions, and they will see the results continuously updated on the aggregate views of the room on the Key Questions that will be posed.

The polls will be conducted in an analogous way to way a jury works, and the secrecy of the ballot is guaranteed. Delegate will have a unique access code appropriate for either conference valid for the day. To that end each delegate will draw their own unique four digit poll Access Code on printed cards available at the Registration Desk, an assurance that votes attaching to questions cannot be linked to individual delegates.

The Poll adds a valuable dimension to the Summit, providing all participants with an input into the series of insights that we will be discussing next week examining "The dynamics of world finance and financial centres in a period of disruptive changes".