Summit Programme: The Aviation Finance Conference

15th October 2019
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Breakfast at Dublin Castle; Hibernia Conference Centre 


Welcome to the Aviation Finance Conference 2019
Joe Gill, Contributing Editor, Aviation Finance
09.15 a.m.: Opening Address by the Minister of State for Financial Services, Ireland, Michael D'Arcy TD

Keynote Address (9.25 a.m.)
"The role of trading and aircraft leasing", Gerry Butler, President, ISTAT, CMO Merx Aviation

Looking forward: The ISTAT president's vision for the next ten years - Asia - Education - Diversity & Inclusion - Aviation and climate change 

Joe Gill
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance

Michael D'Arcy TD
Minister of State at the Department of Finance

Department of Finance, Ireland

Gerry Butler
President ISTAT & Chief Marketing Officer, Merx

President ISTAT, & Merx Aviation Finance Assets Ireland Ltd


Panel discussion :
'Role of trading in supporting growth strategies of lessors'
Buyside and sellside strategies - two sides of the same coin
Lessor portfolio scale/growth and the role of trading
Financiers look to appraisals as a reference point for asset value but how relevant are appraisals to trading decisions?
Buy/hold/sell strategies at your leasing company
Young/mid-life/end-of-life trading strategies
Narrowbody vs Widebody
The future for 737 Max as a trading/investment asset
The outlook for aircraft trading against a background of more airline failures, slower economic/traffic growth, negative trade/geopolitical developments
Chaired by John McMahon


Michael Weiss
Head of Aircraft Trading

SMBC Aviation Capital

Alan Buckley
SVP Aircraft Trading


John Leenane
Head of Trading

CDB Aviation

John McMahon
Non-executive director and aviation consultant.

M.J. McMahon & Company Limited


Coffee & refreshments


On Stage Interview

Aengus Kelly
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


Joe Gill
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance


On Stage Interview


Patrick Hannigan
President & Chief Commercial Officer

CDB Aviation

Joe Gill
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance


Keynote Address: Risk at the heart of the matter 

Virginia Fox
Chief Risk Officer

GE Capital Aviation Services


CFO Forum 'The Finance Function of the Future'
Leader: Danny Buckley, EY; With a panel of CFOs from leading leasing companies


Danny Buckley
FS Financial Accounting Advisory Services Leader


Jennifer Creevey
Chief Financial Officer

DAE Capital

Barry Flannery
Chief Financial Officer

SMBC Aviation Capital

Andy Cronin
Chief Financial Officer


Chris Helme
Chief Financial Officer

Standard Chartered Aviation Finance


Luncheon in Castle Hall, Dublin Castle


The future of aircraft trading: Challenges and opportunities for trading teams

Compared to 10 years ago, how sophisticated is aircraft trading in today's aircraft leasing industry?
Is aircraft trading as efficient as it could be and in what ways could it be further refined?
As the global fleet expands how will trading evolve and will its share of the fleet grow or contract?
The differences in trading Widebody v Narrowbody aircraft
The eco-system of buyers and sellers that now exist when trading aircraft. How to optimise price discovery when active
The effect that the MAX grounding has on aircraft trading in the Narrow body market and whether it is distorting values in any way
Is aircraft trading an investible activity in its own right?
Where is trading in the aircraft age curve most active currently, and has that changed in recent years?
What will a trading desk in a major lessor look like in 10 years time and how different will it be from today?
Chaired by Joe Gill

Joe Gill
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance

Peter Blakeney
Vice President, Aircraft Trading

Carlyle Aviation Management Limited

Bart Ligthart
Head of Trading and Portfolio Management


Paraic Quinn
Senior Vice President Aircraft Trading


Mal Cowley
Business Development Director

IBA Group


Investor perspectives on airlines and aircraft fleets
Chaired by Joe Gill


Joe Gill
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance

Pieter Burger
Partner, Financial Services Taxation


Mark Simpson
Senior Analyst

Goodbody Stockbrokers

Neil Glynn
Managing Director, Head of European Transport Equity Research

Credit Suisse


Coffee & refreshments


The factors affecting the future of aircraft trading; technology, e.g GATS; trading teams and models; taxation, regulatory and fiscal factors differentiating key international centres for aircraft finance & leasing
Chaired by John Stanley

Mick Moroney
Tax Director


Seamus O Croinin
Partner, Finance,

A&L Goodbody

John Stanley
Contributing Editor

Aviation Finance

John Leenane
Head of Trading

CDB Aviation


Close of Aviation Finance Conference; followed by Reception for delegates and speakers at AFCDublin and FCSDublin 2019, The Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2019

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