Deals of the Year 2022: Awards recognise 42 inspirational case studies in a year of significant progress
A perusal of the 42 deal award citations in this year’s Deals of the Year Awards Report contents page in this issue provides an impression of the depth and growing diversity of corporate finance and capital markets expertise in the jurisdiction of Ireland. It also provides a perspective of the truly international and global nature of the industry, with seamless connections being made across the world, particularly linking European, and US and UK capital markets and exchanges, at a time of growing ‘strategic autonomy’, and revisions of geopolitical corporate and business models.

They underpin the vision of the ‘Ireland for law’ project, with numerous deals awarded this year illustrating the value of the Irish law system and its Courts in adding to the global legal options for corporate solutions, and resolutions, the Irish Examinership legislation being just one example.

The awards also recognise the contribution dealmaking is providing for economic solutions in the domestic economy, such as in numerous areas in housing, healthcare, and innovating business solutions in the SME sector. As ever the awards also recognise the continuing development of the expertise of the financial and legal and professional services industry.
This article appeared in the May 2022 edition.