In the March issue : details of the 230 Deal Nominations for the 2020 annual Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards
This edition of Finance Dublin provides the details of the Deals Nominated in 230 nominations for the 2020 annual Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards. The issue, describing, commenting on, and listing the 2020 Deal candidates is a treasure trove of information on the state of corporate finance and corporate financing in Ireland.

It depicts a thriving and growing corporate financing ecosystem that will soon be put to the severest test possible by the 'Black Swan' that has intervened since the end of last year - the Coronovirus crisis, an 'unprecedented economic shock'.

The severity of that shock, yet to be fully understood, as there are so many unpredictable consequences set to emerge, is addressed in several articles in the issue. We shall see the end of it hopefully by the second half of the year and the undoubted strong fundamentals that were before it struck will reassert themselves.

In the meantime there will be much work to so, and planning for all in the industry, and the society to engage in, not least Government formation, which we also analyse in page 7.