2018 in Finance Dublin
In 2018 our forthcoming publications, The Finance Dublin Yearbook 2018, Deals of the Year 2018, and the 31st annual Survey of Ireland's Top Accountancy Firms, as well as the Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, in October will be highlighting the opportunities of a year full of promise, and we look forward to bringing you new insights around the opportunities and challenges throughout 2018.
The new year promises to be the strongest year since the financial crisis in the G7 economies, and asset markets continue to advance steadily with little prospect of the emergence of bubbles. Ireland continues to show the resilience of a balanced economy that remains competitive - the key factor - amongst its global and bigger neighbours. In FS this backdrop provides continued underpinning for innovation, new solutions and new companies in a market that will see new opportunities and markets unfolding around Brexit, and the continued impact of fintech across all sectors in financial services.