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Special Report

Ireland: International Aviation Finance Hub

To be published in print and online with Aviation Finance

The Special Report "Ireland: International Aviation Finance Hub" is one of a series of special Reports on the key world jurisdictions in Aviation Finance. It will be a print publication, and online on the aviationfinance.aero site, the leading online global aircraft finance publication. It will provide an up to date overview for readers of Ireland's aviation finance and aviation industry, portraying its diversity, extensive assets, history, people, and embedded skills and services, ranging from MRO operations, airlines, to corporate services, registration, and legal, and leasing expertise. It will describe Ireland's evolution as a jurisdiction for aircraft financing, portraying its aviation financing heritage, and its world leading players. The focus of the Report will be a depiction of the multiple assets of Ireland, the in-depth strengths of the jurisdiction, its companies, history and expertise. It is produced for a global readership of decisionmakers in airlines, financiers and investors in aviation.


A4 print & online, full/colour Report; Profile article/interviews (c. 500 - 700 words)

Corporate Services

The Report will describe the range of services available, and the myriad of resources available in Ireland for aircraft lessors, and financiers, either through full corporate structures or SPVs to manage their aircraft assets out of Ireland.

MRO Services

Ireland is host to leasing MRO providers, and is used as a location for some of the most challenging assignments in maintenance and overhaul of the global aircraft fleet.


Developments in lease transitioning will be featured, highlighting the in-depth resources in Ireland in the process

Aircraft Leasing

An overview of Ireland's world leading sector

Audit, Accounting and Risk Management Services

The extensive resources provided by world leading players, and the capacities of Irish players

Legal Services

Ireland is host to a world-leading network of law firms and lawyers with deep experience in the multiple challenges of aviation financing, from issues of title and registration, to corporate structures, and aviation and financial law questions across multiple jurisdictions

The Airlines industry

Profiles of Ireland's history in aviation, host to world leading airline companies, and will also feature a history of these developments.

Further information on readership & circulation:

Focused Advertising (Corporate Advertising and Special Feature article) slots are available. Other advertising options include Display advertising, and Web adverts (square and banner adverts on aviationfinance.aero). To ensure your company will be part of the publication please email Dustin O'Neill or Martina Bermingham. They would be delighted to clarify any aspect of the Report, and to provide circulation, demographic, and advertising options information.