July-August issue of Finance Dublin

The latest issue of Finance Dublin has a special emphasis on taxation this month, given the unprecedented importance of discussions around Ireland's headline corporation tax rate,

Our analysis, in the Cover story, and in other articles, on page 6, and in the Irish Tax Monitor, page 20, is special, and, we hope exceptional. It is warranted, we believe, because of the fundamental importance of tax to the country's economic future, its financial services industry, and indeed other industries that are nurtured by FDI.

Our Opinion piece, on page 3 of the e-paper derives from an assessment of the importance of the 12.5% headline rate to the vitality of the Irish economy. Everyone will agree of course that Ireland's attractiveness as an FDI location depends on a range of factors that complement the tax regime, such as the quality and talents of the workforce. These factors, however, are in the medium and long term also impacted by the tax regime. The point is that it is a complex picture, and that mistakes in the context of the international pressure through the OECD BEPS process need not, and should not be contemplated.

The Report shows that the world of finance is changing, and perhaps at an accelerated pace during the pandemic, as the industry met the challenge of a health and human crisis, the first global catastrophe since the great financial crisis of 2007-2008.

- And much more from Ireland's publication on international financial services