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The Finance Dublin Securitisation Conference 2005-
Investment and Issuance: Debt, ABS and Credit

28th - 29th November 2005, Burlington Hotel, Dublin

Securitisation 100 - Introduction to Securitisation

Day 1 - 28th November 2005

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Time Slot Event Speakers
08:00 Registration   
08:45 Overview by Chairman and Course Leader
Moorad Choudhry, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, London Metropolitan University, and Visiting Research Fellow, ISMA Centre, University of Reading 
09:15 Securitisation 101: Market and background overview
· Importance of securitisation in the global financial markets
· US v European securitisation markets: latest developments
· Main terms of reference
· Developing uses of securitisation
· SPVs: understanding different types of issuers, their asset configuration and funding structure
· What is Ireland’s role in securitisation? 
Paul Hawkins, Vice President, EMEA Asset Based Finance, Securitisation & Principal Transactions, Merrill Lynch International 
10:00 Securitisation 102(a): Overview of main instrument types
· ABS and wholes

Andrew Dennis, Executive Director, ABS Syndicate, UBS Investment Bank 
10:30 Securitisation 102(b): Overview of main instrument types
· CDOs, CLOs
· Credit derivatives and synthetics
· Hybrids
· CP conduits and SIVs 
Michelangelo Margaria, Analyst, Structured Finance, Moody's Investor Services Ltd. 
11:00 COFFEE
11:15 Securitisation 103: Issuance and regulation
· Types of issuers
· Originator motivations
· Parties involved and their roles
· Repackaging – a definition
· Insolvency law issues, anti-money laundering procedures
· Securities law issues - Prospectus Directive
· Taxes
· Basel II, IAS and CADIII/CRD
· Future regulatory directions
Tara Doyle, Partner, Matheson Ormsby Prentice 
12:00 Securitisation 104: Investment issues
· Key issues for investors
· Risk-return profile: relative value
· ABS vs. other fixed income products – what are the differences?
· Comparing and contrasting fixed income products
· Credit analysis – understanding the credit attributes
· Risk analysis and ratings
· Repayment - collateral analysis
Peng Sun CFA, Manager, ABS Strategist, Global Fixed Income Strategy, HSBC Bank plc 
12:30 Securitisation 105: Role of third parties
· Role of trustees
· Role of monolines
· Role of rating agencies
· Role of servicers and administrators
Alex Cataldo, Vice President, Senior Credit Officer, Moody's Investor Services Ltd. 
13:00 LUNCH - Sponsored by GMAC Commercial Mortgage Bank Europe, PLC   

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