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The Finance Dublin Securitisation Conference 2005-
Investment and Issuance: Debt, ABS and Credit

28th - 29th November 2005, Burlington Hotel, Dublin

Themes of the 2005 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME:

Once again the conference will feature presentations from key market players including representatives from the syndicate and trading desks of the international investment banks, from the top fixed income institutional investors, collateral managers, arrangers, law firms, and corporates. An overview of macro trends influencing the credit markets and innovative structured finance, CDO, covered bonds and credit market investors panel debates will also be a feature of this unique two-day event.

The conference will aim to update, inform and familiarise delegates with the latest trends and developments in the European securitisation market. Some of the core themes to be discussed at this year’s conference include:

* Fixed income market outlook A look at the major sectors to look out for next year. Where are credit spreads heading and how low can they go?

* Opportunities for investors – a look at the markets and sectors that performed strongly and future market predictions; getting high returns in an environment of tight spreads and rising interest rates; emerging markets; risks to look out for and pitfalls to avoid; asset classes – what new classes are emerging and which are likely to perform the best?; market developments and structural innovations in the European mortgage finance market; assessing strengths of individual covered bond issues in the new diverse European market – do covered bonds still add value?

* Regulatory environment becomes more onerous – Impact of CAD III/CRD on the credit markets, Basel II updates, implementation issues; operational requirements for synthetic and traditional securitisations; amendments in trading book rules and the continued introduction and debate on IFRS/IAS39 will have a significant impact on all market players.

* Issuance updates - market conditions; current pace of bond issuance in Ireland; issuer strategies and deal structuring; outlook for the year ahead

* Conduit/APBCP market goes from strength to strength – conduit trends; market outlook - commercial paper vs FRNs vs MTNs; impact of regulatory/accounting developments; new asset classes; liquidity;

* CDO market becomes more sophisticated - the CDO market is becoming increasingly complex and diversified; new asset classes continue to emerge - potential for alternative asset CDOs; innovative product developments; what do the rating agencies think?; European leveraged loans market reaches record level – where will the market go next?; optimal CLO structures; next generation CLOs; overview of the secondary market; growth in credit derivatives and their impact on credit conditions; developments in credit default swaps – the outlook for defaults

* Covered bonds come of age – Does Ireland need to update its covered bond legislation? Emerging markets, structural developments and opportunites for investors; trends and challenges in the primary and secondary markets; new issues in Irish covered bonds; regulatory outlook

* SPV domiciliation/listing – overview of Dublin's SPV market; tax and regulatory issues – section 110; new jurisdictions: Luxembourg, Cayman Islands - onshore/offshore debate – will International Accounting Standards bring the centres closer?; the increasing importance of the trustee/administrator role as structures get more complex; repackaging developments

* The expanding role of the trustee in securitisation and CDO transactions – challenges in a diverse and complex market; impact of pricing; effective investor reporting

* Overview of the high yield market – why invest now?

* What does the securitisation industry want from the regulators? – a look at how regulators are encouraging the growth of Ireland as a securitisation and financial services centre; what are the key issues that need to be addressed?

If you would like to participate, or to be represented as a Sponsor or Exhibitor email or phone Claire Arpa ca@financedublin.com or Valerie Hannigan vh@financedublin.com or Tel: 353-1-293-0566. For information on sponsorship opportunities available please click on 'Sponsor & Exhibitor Information' on the left hand panel of this page.

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