The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry
Friday, 23rd February 2024

ACI Ireland, The Financial Markets Association


ACI Ireland is the financial markets association, members of which are in a large part engaged within the financial trading or sales environment in the global financial markets. Founded in 1973, ACI Ireland currently serves 130 members. ACI Ireland is part of a larger global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to the market development through education and certification, market practices (The Model Code), technical advice and networking through business and/or social events.

As the largest international professional body for dealers and back office personnel in the wholesale financial markets, with membership in over 60 countries, ACI is committed to providing globally acknowledged, portable, professional qualifications and educational opportunities that enhance career prospects, improve job performance and set benchmarks of professionalism for the industry. ACI communicates regularly with a wide range of national Regulators on the education and training of market participants. ACI also works closely with regulatory bodies in a number of countries to ensure that market standards, ACI’s examinations and regulatory requirements are aligned on common ground. Through the global reach of ACI, its Committee for Professionalism (CFP) offers a dispute arbitration service, as well as offering expert advice and championing best market practices through its internationally accepted Model Code.

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