The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry Saturday, 22nd February 2020
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Banking & Finance [Banking & Finance/Capital Markets]

Profile: The banking and capital markets sector is being transformed by increased competition, regulation and globalisation

Investment banking is facing significant challenges with recent developments in the financial markets resulting in enhanced focus on risk management by all stakeholders. While still highly profitable, the outlook for retail banking appears to be clouded by concerns over consumer debt, falling property prices and the slowdown of economic growth.

The outlook for the banking and capital markets sector is also being shaped by regulation including the move to Basel II. These challenges have heightened the importance of effective risk management in delivering stable returns and supporting robust governance and compliance processes.
PwC Ireland has a dedicated Banking and Capital Markets practice. We have a strong team of individuals who are recognised internationally as having the skills and experience necessary to advise clients in a complex industry and ever changing regulatory and technical environment.

We enjoy a market leading position in Ireland. We have built up our expertise through a continuous focus on the core areas of Banking as well as the specialisations we have fostered over the last 25 years.

Currently we have more than 145 people within our banking and capital markets group specialists including 10 partners and over 40 managers.
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