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Software solutions and tools [Insurance & Reinsurance]

Profile: At the forefront of the industries we serve, we are continually innovating to help clients prepare for changes in the business landscape. We combine established approaches and solid thinking with fresh ideas and creative applications that will help your business today and tomorrow. And with our industry-leading, innovative tools and extensive research, your business will have the support it needs to succeed.
  • Solvency II Compliance Assessment Tool - to assess your company's status for all aspects of Solvency II . It includes a reference tool to the latest guidance and legislation.
  • VEGA - Our Solvency II reporting tool including the production of Quarterly Reporting Templates (QRTs).
  • NAVI - a powerful software solution based on Least Square Monte Carlo. NAVI’s proxy modelling techniques help life insurance companies enhance their risk modelling by dramatically reducing calculation time within a flexible and robust process.
  • MG-ALFA - Our dynamic, flexible system dramatically speeds the process of pricing and/or projecting for a wide range of financial products.
  • MG-Hedge - Milliman's proprietary system for risk analysis and hedging of market exposures provides clients with crucial technology.
  • C-Squared - This high-performance grid-computing platform uses multiple computer arrays to execute trillions of calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Hedge Simulation Tool - This proprietary tool allows Milliman consultants to test hedging strategies and form performance expectations before executing programs.
  • The Milliman Guarantee Indexâ„¢ - The Milliman Guarantee Index is the first of its kind, offering a tool that gives variable annuity (VA) guarantee writers a reference point for valuation and risk management of these long-term liabilities.
  • GRC Platform - Milliman’s Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) platform has been specifically developed to help facilitate the ERM business process. It is a unique online work platform based on a private, secure cloud computing infrastructure.
  • CRisALIS – Complexity-based Risk Analysis - Milliman’s CRisALIS delivers practical, insightful and robust methods for identifying, assessing and managing risks and their relationships to one another.
  • MG-Triton - Our valuation products fulfill clients' need to calculate accurate reserves through an efficient, cost-effective and manageable process.
  • Milliman IntelliScript - Our powerful US underwriting tool allows life insurers to rapidly obtain prescription history information via the Internet.
  • REVEAL - Milliman's Risk and Economic Volatility Evaluation of Annuity Longevity (REVEAL) software uses stochastic techniques to identify volatility and provide new insights into mortality and longevity risks.