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Finance Dublin is the industry website and publication dedicated to the international financial services industry. It informs readers on the companies, trends, developments and thought leaders in IFS. For a flavour see an overview of recent issues here.

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- Ten editions of Finance Dublin, plus The Finance Dublin Yearbook, Finance Dublin's annual Yearbook and Directory, plus Supplements and Special Reports during the year; and news on - analysing the major trends and developments for Ireland's IFS industry, particularly looking at the emergence of new sectors of activity and the business conditions applying in the established sectors.

-The Yearbook is part of the annual cycle of Finance Dublin, reflecting the story of the past year and the outlook looking forward. Its Profile sections offer a substantive guide, providing dynamic profiles of people, companies, and institutions who are active in the jurisdiction, including FS companies, Professional Services Advisers, Market Infrastructures and State and Representative bodies. Your subscription will include the Yearbook.

- The Finance Dublin Yearbook Online. Has an updated directory of Finance Dublin corporate profiles on the IFS Companies, Advisors and Advisory firms, and State, Regulatory, and Representative Bodies.

- Full access to, including the back issues Library of Finance Magazine and Finance Dublin, dating from 1987;

- The online information archive, including database of articles (18,500+) surveys, and databases;

Surveys & Awards - such as Finance Dublin's Annual Deals of the Year Awards, which, since 1991 have recognised the excellence in the work of dealmakers and professionals in financial, legal, audit, taxation, and other advisory services and the Finance Dublin Accountancy Fees Survey which annually provides a benchmark for the business of Ireland's Top 20 accountancy firms;

- The Irish Tax Monitor is published in every edition of Finance Dublin.

- The Finance Dublin Funds Monitor is published Quarterly in Finance Dublin.

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