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The 3rd Finance Dublin International Securitisation Conference

30th November 2004, Dublin Castle

Introduction to Securitisation Programme -

30th November 2004

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Time Slot Event Speakers
14:00 Securitisation 1.01: Overview
- Its history and what it is
- Its role in global capital markets
- How it has developed/evolved
- Examples of securitisation - Examples of when securitisation has gone wrong- Main terms of reference  
Iain Barbour, Chairman of the European Securitisation Forum and Global Head of Structured Finance Research,, Commerzbank 
14:30 Securitisation 1.02: The main markets
- ABS - auto, credit cards
- Whole business
- Credit derivatives and Synthetics
What they have in common - what distinguishes them 
Gianfranco Simionato, Director, Rabobank 
15:00 Securitisation 1.03: Investment issues
- key issues for investors
- Relative value - contrasting the risk/return profile
- ABS v other fixed income products - what are the differences
- Credit analysis - understanding the credit attributes
- Understanding the ratings
- Repayment - collateral analysis 
Robert Liao, Director, Citigroup 
15:30 Coffee   
15:45 Securitisation 1.04: Issuance and regulation
- Originator motivations
- Parties involved and their roles
- Choosing a structure - SPV v SIV
- Insolvency law issues
- Securities law issues
- Regulatory issues - Basel, IAS 
Tara Doyle, Partner, Matheson Ormsby Prentice 
16:15 Securitisation 1.05: Third party roles and types of credit enhancement
- Credit enhancement
- Role of monolines
- Role of collateral managers
- Role of rating agencies
- Role of trustees
- Role of servicers 
Alex Cataldo, Vice President, Senior Credit Officer, Moody\'s Investor Services Ltd. 

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Bank of New York

Deutsche Bank Trust & Securities Services

Matheson Ormsby Prentice

Scotia Capital

SPV is Wilmington Trust SP Services firm for Europe

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