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The 3rd Finance Dublin International Securitisation Conference

30th November 2004, Dublin Castle

Feedback from delegates at the 5th Annual Finance Dublin Conference 30th - 31st March 2004

This is a synopsis of some of the positive feedback we have received:

I thought the calibre of the speakers were superb. It was a very educational few days for me.
Hedge fund specialist

Good conference. Quality of the speakers was superb….leaving the office for a couple of days to attend a conference is getting tougher so the 1 1/2 day format worked well.… the quality of the event was excellent, as usual, and Finance Dublin have again shown the important part you play in the Irish market.
Treasury and financial markets executive, leading European bank

Thanks again for your excellent work in organising what was an incredibly successful conference. Every one attending was in better form than last year but the quality of the presentations and discussing was a major factor.
Partner top four company

I thought it was a very good conference and I thought there were two clear messages - 1. It is very important to have a joint EU/US approach to regulation and the growth of financial markets. 2. It is very important to ensure that regulatory initiatives do not hamper opportunities to innovate financially and improve growth prospects for both economies.
Executive director, British Banker’s Association

Excellent conference, very thought provoking and very helpful to me in trying to keep up to date on all these developments. Well done.
Chief operating officer, top ten international banking group

You deserve considerable thanks for putting together such an excellent conference. Dublin practitioners would be hard pressed to attend a better conference in this area.
Senior partner, top five Irish law firm

The event was a tremendous success, thanks to you, your people and the high quality of the speakers.
Chief executive, leading European bank

I would like to say that I thought it was very impressive. The organisation and set up was at international standards and the speakers kept the audience captivated to the end. It was a pleasure.
Senior recruitment executive

Overall I found the conference to be very good…..it was an intensive capture of view of participants in the industry who as normal gave good insight into their own business and reasons for being there. The regulation debate was good and some good quotes on the record. The tax debate is one that needs to be addressed. Overall well worthwhile.
Senior tax partner, top four company

Well done on organising a quality event especially day one.
Managing director, leading life assurance company

I welcomed the opportunity to participate and would like to thank you and your colleagues for the work you put into making the event a success. … it was clear that there was much lively debate over the two days.
Senior partner, top five Irish law firm

Well done on organising another high-quality event--I thought there was some real bite in the content and I think it will be a stimulus to all of us to refresh/reinvent the IFSC brand.
Managing director, leading Dutch bank

Keep up the good work.
Senior tax partner, top four company

Congratulations on a truly excellent conference. I don't know how you do it, but each year is better than the last. Well done to all the team!
Managing director, international investment company

I have to thank you for the wonderful occasion I have so much appreciated. … the standard I've found in Dublin was really excellent and so full of realistic content.
Head of tax, top European bank

I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet many from your industry…the conference was well attended … I thought the conference in general went very smoothly and raised some important and timely issues and hope that we will have opportunities to explore some of them in the future.
Senior Counsel, leading US law firm

I did indeed enjoy taking part in the conference and was only sorry not to have more time to hear some of the other contributors. I would like to congratulate you and your team on the organisation and success of the event. It is a very valuable asset I believe to have a dedicated forum, such as the Finance Dublin Conference, for discussion and analysis of developments and trends in business at the IFSC.
Chief executive, German bank

I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was something in it for everybody. The conference was, as always, very well organised.
Managing director, European bank

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