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Finance Dublin: industry-focused analysis on the companies, service providers and the Ireland - one of the key financial centres in the European Union.

Finance Dublin in 2018

  • - Interviews with key decisonmakers and thought leaders
  • - Finance Dublin polls amongst subscribers, reflecting the views of Ireland's 50,000 plus employing financial services and support industry on the issues that are critically affecting the economy and job prospects in areas such as regulation, enforcement, taxation, and business policy;
  • - Each issue of Finance Dublin will expand our understanding and knowledge of the possibilities for doing nusiness in financial services in Dublin and Ireland as an outward-looking centre that is in the Eurozone, but is a global hub engaging in growing business in the Americas and Asia.
  • - Finance and IFSC Indicators: monitoring the vital signs of the IFSC and key and emerging sectors;
  • - An editorial approach that encourages fiscal measures that support Ireland as one of the best places to do business (such as its rate of corporation tax) and regulation that both respects the essential integrity of the financial services industry while ensuring that credit and finance, as a public good is regulated to world class standards that encourage rather than stifle business that is to the ultimate benefit of industry, and job creation, the ultimmate objective of good financial services.
  • - Awards Surveys - Our Deals of the Year, and new features to applaud and recognise the excellence in the work of dealmakers and professionals in financial, legal, audit, taxation, and other advisory services;

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  • - The monthly publication
  • - Breaking news and analysis, through the month on our website
  • - The Finance Dublin Yearbook Online. An online treasure trove of information on companies, people, institutions and the platforms for delivering world class financial services
  • - Print edition of the Finance Dublin Yearbook of the IFSC
  • - Exclusive Reader Polls on burning issues, and Directories of emerging business clusters in areas such as fintech
  • - The online Finance Dublin Back Issues Library, including searchable database of articles (16,000+) surveys, and databases
  • - Digital options, as well as print, with e-paper and multiple device reader access.

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