The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry Saturday, 29th February 2020
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Financial Services Regulatory and Compliance Advisory Services: [Corporate Services]

Profile: Key Corporate Services have worked closely with a number of leading Financial Services firms, ranging from Investment intermediaries, stockbrokers, hedge funds, credit institutions, commodities brokers, CTAs, family offices and reinsurance companies. Completed projects include:

* Assistance and Project Management with MiFID and other authorisations for submission to the Financial Regulator (IFSRA), the FSA, the NFA or the CFTC.
* European localisation of Policies & Procedures for AML, KYC, Best Execution and Conflicts of Interests
* Overall Compliance Reviews including assistance in updating Compliance and Risk Manuals and Preparing Compliance Plans
* Assisting in the selection and deployment of third party systems for settlement, clearing, custody, reporting, wealth management and execution.

One-off Services:
In addition to the services we provide to Financial Services companies above, we also routinely assist non Financial Service companies in the following one-off activities:

* Company Incorporations
* Tax Registrations (payroll taxes, corporation tax, value added taxes)
* Addressing Planning within Complex International Structures
* Assistance in recruitment and establishment of an Irish registered office.
* Registering for domain names, phone lines, broadband etc.

Ongoing Administration Services:
Firms who use our services for establishment services quite often request that we provide ongoing services for them, this may include:

* Financial Reporting and Administration (Bank Recs, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Processing)
* Provision of staff and Irish Resident Directors
* Company Secretarial Services
* Payroll Services and Payroll & HR Training.
* Provision of a Place of Business and Accommodation Leases or Licences.
* Office space for drop-in meetings and hot desk facilities.
* Telephone answering, call forwarding, and message forwarding services.