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Friday, March 24, 2023
The Yearbook and its Sponsors
Since 1987, Finance Dublin, its predecessor, Finance Magazine, and, since the early 1990s, when an International Financial Services Services Centre (IFSC) first began to be a reality in Ireland, the Finance Dublin Yearbook has chronicled the evolving story of the Republic of Ireland as a global financial services centre. The Yearbook, since its first edition in 1992 has served as an anchor, and annual benchmark of that story, its challenges, setbacks, and the aspirations of those who work in it.

That story has been largely positive - its growth in assets serviced, its employment, and the list of innovative products that it delivers to clients around the globe are testimony of that.

It has not travelled that path without controversy - it has frequently been challenged as a 'tax haven', and the global financial crisis of 2007-8, and its impact on the domestic Irish banking system raised questions about the standard of financial regulation in the jurisdiction. Those questions nothwithstanding, Ireland's IFS sector's evident business success has encouraged many to seek to emulate the model, and Finance Dublin over the years has sought to highlight these lessons in its publications, conferences and events.
This article was published on 9th December 2020.