Contributing Firms:
The Questions

Question 1: Personal Tax: In its pre-Budget submission the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies – Ireland (CCAB-I) identify the reforming of personal taxes as key to protecting Ireland’s competitiveness. Can you comment, with reference to your own firm’s pre-Budget recommendations, on measures that could be taken in the Budget to make Ireland’s personal tax regime more competitive?

Question 2: Corporate Tax : Corporate tax recommendations in a number of areas including R&D tax credits, SMEs, entrepreneurs and the green economy also feature prominently in the CCAB-I submission. What measures, in your view, could be taken in the Budget to make Ireland’s tax regime for corporates more competitive? .

Question 3: BEPS : The Department of Finance’s consultation on BEPS Pillar II implementation closed on 22nd July, focusing on the technical incorporation of the rules into Ireland’s corporate tax system. In your view what main areas of Ireland’s tax code require modification to ensure a smooth implementation of Pillar II requirements?

Question 4: Aircraft Leasing : What are the major tax implications for Ireland’s aircraft leasing industry in the post-BEPS landscape? With regards to the integration of BEPS rules into Ireland’s tax system, what steps need to be taken to ensure Ireland’s aircraft leasing offering remains globally competitive?

Question 5: Pensions : The Revenue Commissioners recently updated the Pensions Manual to reflect amendments in Finance Act 2021. Can you outline the main tax implications of these changes?

Question 6: Section 110 Companies: In its Pre-Budget submission the CCAB-I says ‘to encourage FDI and competitiveness, Section 110 companies should be allowed to deduct withholding taxes suffered on the receipt of distributions or interest received.’ Can you outline the arguments around this?

Question 7: Wildcard : Optional ‘Wildcard’ Question