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This Month's Roundtable - The Answers
Leasing, personal taxes, US corporate tax reform proposals, and Covid recovery
The experiences of the aircraft leasing sector, and the potential implications of international corrporate tax reform, notably pillar 5 of the BEPS processs serve as a case study in this issue of the Tax Monitor. As Deloitte’s Lisa Mangan points out, however, in the light of the discussion in this issue of the leasing sector The potential impacts discussed above are not limited to the aircraft leasing sector and would equally apply to consolidation in any sector.
With corporation tax in question as a source of future taxation in the EU and the UK, some advisers have been suggesting that Ireland to maintain entrepreneurial and business competitiveness should look to increasing the incentives for small businesses and individuals to earn income and base wealth in Ireland in the future, as a fallback precautionary strategy. Jonathan Ginnelly, Director, Tax, Deloitte (opposite) provides a considerated response to our question as to what major tax heads might be looked at in such a review.