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This Month's Roundtable - The Answers
Ireland’s updated Corporation Tax Roadmap is welcomed by Contributors
The Contributors to this edition of the Irish Tax Monitor give a broad welcome to the Government’s review and update of Ireland’s 2018 Corporation Tax Roadmap, 'Ireland’s Corporation Tax Roadmap January 2021 Update', which reviews the progress achieved on the Corporation tax front.
The Roadmap reviews the impressive and lengthening measures that have been introduced to the tax code in the years since the first ‘Roadmap’ in 2018, and indeed before, dating back to former Finance Minister Michael Noonan’s memorable declaration in the 2013 Budget that Ireland aspires to “play fair and play to win”, referenced again, in this month’s Roundtable, by one of our contributors Deloitte’s Joanne Fox (pp 44-45).
Also in the Roundtable this month is an overview of Ireland’s tax treaty network, which has been separately identified in the new Ireland for Finance strategy Action Plan, 2021, published by the Department of Finance on February 11th.
Court news of major significance is also covered in responses on Perrigo- Tysabri, and on the TAC’ s determination regarding retrospectivity of tax assessments by Revenue in relation to the scheme of arrangement regarding Abbvie’s acquisition of Allergan (page 46).
The ongoing implications of Covid-19 in the tax and financial management spheres, and the December 23rd 2020 announcement by the Department of Finance of a Public Consultation on the workings of the Employment Investment Incentive (EII) are also examined by the Panel.