Accountancy Survey 2011

Fee income stabilises for Ireland’s top 20 accountancy firms
The recovery begins for Ireland’s top accountancy firms as fee incomes level out and stop the falls of the previous two years. The survey also shows the industry has increased employment by 5 per cent and recruitment will grow by 12.5 per cent in the year ahead compared with the year before.

Employment rebounds
Employment in Ireland's top accountancy firms has risen. A like for like comparison amongst 15 firms shows that job numbers have increased by 5 per cent, from 8,198 in 2010 to 8,608 in 2011.

Business models under threat from European Commission’s audit proposals
In this forum the managing partners identify the key threats and big opportunities in accountancy. We also asked the managing partners to suggest five policy initiatives to help the Irish economic recovery.

The managing partners of Ireland's top twenty firms list their recommendations for Irish economic recovery: Accountancy Survey 2011
The managing partners of the top twenty firms suggest up to five policy initiatives to aid Irish economic recovery.