15th Anniversary of IFSC
Introductory overview (written in 2002): The IFSC is a model of global importance
This publication does not purport to be a definitive history of the IFSC - or, as it is might now more accurately be described the 'IIFSC' - Irish International Financial Services Centre - but a research contribution to such a history, in that we compile a series of previously unpublished memoirs, insights and facts about the foundation of the centre, and its subsequent evolution. It is a record generating, or journalistic exercise rather than a work of historical analysis on the completion of the centre's first fifteen years of trading.
Dermot Desmond on the IFSC past and future
Dermot Desmond says the IFSC is 'the best thing that I have been involved in', in this interview with Finance Dublin
The Taoiseach on the outlook for the international financial services sector
Bertie Ahern spells out the imperatives for the international financial services sector, and reminiscences on its developments over the past fifteen years, and his own role in its establishment.
Memoirs of the IFSC - Part 1
Key figures look back, including Padraig O‚€ôhUiginn, Secretary of the Department of the Taoiseach and chairman of Ireland‚€ôs International Financial Services Committee in 1987, Michael Buckley, Group Chief Executive, AIB, Don Bergin, former head of Department of Finance IFSC Division, William Slattery, CEO State Street International Ireland and chairman of Financial Services Ireland, Maurice O‚€ôConnell, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, 1995 - 2002, Liam Donlon, Managing Director, KBC Finance Ireland, Seamus P√°irc√©ir, Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners 1984 - 1987, Ernst-Richard Matthiensen, Former Managing Director of Dresdner Bank Ireland, and David Hanna, Divisional Manager, IDA Ireland.
Memoirs of the IFSC - Part 2
The second part of our Memoirs of the IFSC by key figures including Paul McGowan, KPMG, Ronan Moloney, McCann Fitzgerald, Padraig Rushe, Bank of Ireland, Declan O'Neill, Ulster Bank, Pat Wall, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Catherine Duffy A&L Goodbody, Gerry Brady, Bank of Bermuda, PJ Henehan, Ernst & Young, Aidan Brady, Citigroup, Aileen O'Donoghue, FSI, John Fitzpatrick, Northern Trust, David McCabe, Bank of Ireland
Milestones of the IFSC
October 1986 - International treasury consultant, Han Zuurdeeg, working for GE Information Services Company (GEISCO), the subsidiary of General Electric Corporation (USA), presents a report to the IDA on Ireland as an international treasury centre.
The ‚€ėBermuda of Europe‚€ô
From a non-existent industry 15 years ago, in 2001, Dublin‚€ôs international insurance industry wrote premiums of ‚ā¨10.1bn and captives domiciled in ireland now exceed 230 writes Eamonn O‚€ôBrien.
Demand for skills is always ahead of supply
Brendan Logue examines employment trends over the past fifteen years, from over-supply to under-supply, and looks at the impact the ‚€ėAustralian syndrome‚€ô has made.
A decade and a half of change in Dublin‚€ôs docklands
David Dillon looks back on 15 years of development in Dublin‚€ôs Docklands, which has seen the IFSC move out of its original environs to new locations around the country, and has seen the products offered by the companies which inhabit the Docklands, change considerably.
Dublin's listing business - powering ahead
MAIRE O'CONNOR was one of the key architects of Ireland's funds listing industry at its inception in the 1980s. She looks back on an incredible 15 years for the Irish Stock Exchange's listing business, which has seen the creation of two new businesses - in investment funds and debt securities - both of which have seen exponential growth since their establishment.
Adding value will be the key to success
Dublin must be the location where we have leading-edge approaches, advanced solutions, innovative ideas, effective risk management strategies, best transaction structuring, pricing and execution, says AENGUS MURPHY, otherwise Dublin will lose its advantage as a treasury centre.
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