"To 2025 and beyond" - the future for financial services delivery across borders

Highlighting world class financial services businesses

The Summit, on 3rd October 2018, in the Dublin Castle complex will showcase the unifying issues, and solutions across the IFS industry, especially focusing on the "<10%" of transformative businesses that will lead the way.

  • Asset and wealth management
  • Investment Funds
  • Insurance;
  • Capital markets;
  • Banking and Clearing;
  • Market Infrastructures, Securities, Trading, and Exchanges.
  • Aviation finance and aircraft leasing

For details, please email: summit@financedublin.com

The Summit's focus will be business development issues, with the following strands at the heart of each session: fintech, and product development; markets analysis; risk management; financial centres - regulation and tax, "To 2025 and beyond"

The Summit will provide a forward looking perspective, building on the Global Financial Services Centres Conference, Dublin, October 17th 2017 and the 20 earlier conferences run by Fintel Ltd, the publisher of Finance Dublin in 2004-2010 and held in Dublin Castle.