The future for financial services delivery across borders

Ireland's world class financial services businesses

The Summit, on 3rd October 2018, in the Dublin Castle complex will showcase the cutting edge issues, and solutions in:

  • Investment Funds & Asset Management;
  • Reinsurance and Insurance;
  • Banking and Clearing;
  • Securities & Market-Based Finance;
  • Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance.

For details of the 2018 Programme please email us at:

The Summit, produced and directed by Finance Dublin will provide an overview of the business and jurisdictional issues facing cross border international financial services businesses globally, by global thought leaders.

The Summit will update delegates on themes from the Global Financial Services Centres Conference, Dublin, 2017 and the 20 earlier conferences run by Fintel Ltd, the publisher of Finance Dublin in 2004-2010 and held in Dublin Castle.