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*About the Finance Dublin Funds Monitor & Disclaimers:

The Finance Dublin Funds Monitor, the first edition of which was launched in the December 2020 issue of Finance Dublin, is a quarterly periodical appearing in the columns of Finance Dublin, and in the annual Finance Dublin Yearbook. It is moderated by Finance Dublin insofar as the questions posed are mostly originated by Finance Dublin, setting the framework and agenda for the publication on an ongoing quarterly basis. It is a commercial forum of the sponsoring, or ‘Contributing’, companies, listed in page 1, and in the rotating banner mastheads of the online version of the Monitor. Participation by individual companies is a paid-for service run as part of the advertising department of Finance Dublin, and as such is independent of the publication’s editorial pages, although sharing the editorial standards and principles of the publication as a whole. Individual contributions by the named authors are in some cases presented as their individual opinions, and views, and forecasts and in some relevant cases are subject to time limits, and are separate from any institutional views and opinions. To obtain more information about these, please consult the Disclaimers