February issue: - Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards 2021 - the Nominations
- Irish aircraft leasing executive’s plight
The continued detention of Richard O'Halloran, an Irish leasing company executive by a Chinese Court has been raised by Irish politicians including President Higgins. The detained executive’s lawyer, David Maughan, speaks to Finance Dublin.

- Details of all the Deals of the year Nominations - 195 Deals are nominated for the 2021 Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards. This was an increase on the previous year, with Covid-19 effects shaken off by the final quarter of the year as Ireland’s dealmakers adjusted to the realities of corporate finance under pandemic conditions.

- Finance for Ireland Action Plan 2021
Government strategy incorporates new objectives, including actions on tax treaty issues, Covid-19 recovery and Brexit.

- Corporation Tax
The Corporation Tax ‘Roadmap Update’; published last month is welcomed as a coherent strategic plan for the future defence of a vital pillar of the Irish economy.

- Ireland’s Tax Treaties
Although, at 74 treaties with other countries, Ireland has an extensive tax treaty network, it could, and should, aspire to sign up more.

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