The impact the Covid-19 Pandemic this year has had, across the Financial Services industry in Ireland.
The 2020 edition of Finance Dublin Yearbook contains a comprehensive assessment of the impact the Covid-19 Pandemic this year has had across Financial Services sectors in Ireland. This is the most comprehensive assessment to date, and provides a picture of the varying impacts in different sectors, with some more affected than others.
Overall, despite the devastating and tragic impacts it has had on society, overall a hopeful picture emerges that shows the industry has coped reasonably well with the initial phase of the pandemic, and is confronting the challenges with determination.

The 2020 edition of the Yearbook is available to subscribers at this link. Just as the editorial Review & Outlook section summarises the state of play across the sectors in IFS, the Yearbook’s Guide sections, namely its Finance-Related Professional Services Guide, the State & Regulatory bodies, and IFS companies A-Z Guide provide updated histories of the achievements of the people, institutions and organisations and companies that are the foundation stones of what Ireland is as a financial centre as a whole. The publication provides a snapshot and a vivid representation of it and its vitality for readers, in print, and in its online dimensions, in its e-paper and digital editions.