In the November issue of Finance Dublin
Our recent conferences held in October provided much insight and food for thought, some of which is reflected in this issue, and some of which will inform the agenda in coming issues of Finance Dublin.

One thing is clear, though. Brexit as a process will last for a very long time, the headlined dates in popular dialogue relate only to the commencement of a regulatory disengagement process that is set to last many years into the future.
Financial services is a business that has to get on with things as they are, and as the new year unfolds, we expect more and more peple to realise this. This is likely to be supportive of confidence, and as the fear of 'Brexit' recedes, as clarity begins to be achieved on the future relaitonships of the UK with Europe and the rest of the world. Irish financial services can accordingly be expected to gradually see a return to a new normal.

That future 'new normal' will provide plenty of opportunity and challenge. In Ireland, the forthcoming SEA legisation that will happen in 2020 a case in point, as we comment on in detail in our editorial overview on page 3 of this issue.