The business opportunities for financial related Law Firms after Brexit from the use of Irish Courts to be the focus of a full session at #FCSDublin
The premise of the session is that Ireland's Courts System offers an attractive alternative Common Law option for contracts and practitioners in the English courts system to avert the inevitable loss of business that Brexit already is causing. Covered will be the new ISDA Master Agreements, Cape Town Act in aircraft leasing and other opportunities for using Irish Courts after Brexit, an initiative both the Irish Government and the legal profession, through the Bar Council and Law Society are supporting.

The Summit session on the opportunities for Financial Related Legal Services in Ireland will be addressed by leading Irish, English, French-licenced and US lawyers, as well as outgoing chair of the Bar Council, Paul McGarry, S.C.

See the two day Agenda here.

Paul McGarrry, SC, Chair (2016-2018) of the Bar Council of Ireland
Paul McGarrry, SC, Chair (2016-2018) of the Bar Council of Ireland

It is Finance Dublin's contention that there is an economic and business case for English lawyers to look to Ireland as a jurisdiction of interest for enabling them to continue to conduct their business and client relationships with minimum disruption from Brexit, and this argument, is in line with the theme of post Brexit business opportunities across the full summit, which landmark sessions covering all areas of international financial services in Ireland, and aviation finance.

#FCSDublin 2018, on October 2nd and 3rd, hosted and produced by Finance Dublin is an essential event for all professional services firms to attend and be represented at. Delegate booking details can be found here.