'A year like no other' Finance Dublin in H1 2020
As the Covid-19 Pandemic engulfed the world, people's lives, and their livelihoods, Finance Dublin provided a focus on the impact at markets and economy level, the right policy choices to make, the lessons in public health economics being learned, and the coping strategies being adopted in the Irish financial services industry and more widely in a year that has been like no other. The state's post Brexit financial services strategy, was detailed in this article by Kieran Donoghue, of IDA Ireland.
An early assessment of the impact in the funds industry and at markets level was provided by TADHG YOUNG, Head of State Street Ireland, who provided a bird's eye view of the development of the crisis in securities and funds markets in the April issue.'There is no textbook that tells you how to navigate through a rapidly-changing public health, economic and financial markets crisis like Covid-19. However, the first priority for all organisations when presented with this unique challenge is the health and safety of their employees', he said.

The crisis broke really in February, as the gradual dawning of the reality of the pandemic became clear, day by day.
Here's what we said in our Leader in the March issue:
Finance Dublin Comment: Covid-19: Ireland's unprecedented economic shock calls for 'All That it Takes' Fiscal and Monetary actions".

By mid year, it was becoming possible to provide in depth appraisals of the impacts, such as this, by Eoin Mac Manus, Managing Partner of EY Financial Services in a wide ranging interview covering a broad range of financial services topics.