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Finance Dublin provides a monthly and annual platform analysing the factors behind the evolution of Ireland's international financial services industry - the only fully Common Law Financial Services Jurisdiction in the EU after Brexit. In providing insightful commentary and analysis on the stories of the international financial services industry, and the forces, problems, and preoccupations driving it, the publication is a high level resource read by decision makers.

As Ireland’s International Financial Services industry and companies continue on a rapid growth path of opportunity in 2020/21, Finance Dublin’s role as a leading media platform for the industry grows ever more important – delivering strategic insights, available only to our subscribers, on new companies, business models, players, and on the global changes in the industry and its individual markets that are continuing apace.

Those 'strategic insights' are unique to any publication in the world, as an ongoing analysis of Ireland's international financial services industry, as they combine both global FS intelligence on the core markets that make up Ireland's international financial services industry, and Ireland's unique features as a host jurisdiction.

Finance Dublin is the industry journal dedicated to Ireland's financial services industry, one of the principal export pillars of Ireland's economy. Independent of the industry and Government, it provides a 'fourth estate' to the IFS industry. It informs and updates readers each month on the companies, decisionmakers and views of the thought leaders working in Ireland's financial services industry, one of the most dynamic financial centres in the world. Finance Dublin is available in both print, html and online on epaper.

Special Publications & Reports :- FinTech, Brexit and Employment Trends in Ireland's IFS Industry, a special survey by Deloitte & Finance Dublin

Finance Dublin and Deloitte Research Report finds that 40% of Ireland's IFS companies expect Brexit to have a positive impact on headcount, against 7% saying it will cut jobs. The survey, amongst the 500 Companies included in the Finance Dublin Yearbook, carried out in collaboration with Deloitte also finds that overall employment increased amongst the companies surveyed last year by 4.6 per cent and that Regulation and Supervision issues are the most important concerns.

See also The Dillon Eustace Regulatory Quarterly Update here; The EY Brexit Special Report; The PwC Financial Services Perspectives.

The Irish Tax Monitor is published every month in Finance Dublin. The Irish Tax Monitor delivers a focus on tax advice, delivered by leading professional writers in the tax field in Ireland. Its aim is to produce a publication that delivers practical tax guidance to decision makers in the broad corporate and IFS sectors. It also focuses on global events, developments and initiatives likely to impact on Irish resident corporate taxpayers. Please contact Finance Dublin at on details of how your firm or expert advisers can be a contributor to the Tax Monitor.

THE FINANCIAL CENTRES SUMMIT 2019, Dublin, Ireland Please visit the current Summit here.

See the previous FCSDublin, 2018 Summit here and THE AVIATION FINANCE CONFERENCE 2019 here Dublin Castle, Ireland.

Editorial Calendar for 2020

THE FINANCE DUBLIN YEARBOOK 2020 - The Yearbook, first published in 1991, is an unique showcase for Ireland's Financial Services industry - profiling in one volume the depth and excellence of the industry, quoted by industry bodies, IDA Ireland, Taoiseachs and Government Ministers over the years in their promotion of FDI in IFS in Ireland. The 2020 Edition will build on this history to highlight the companies that are to the forefront in meeting the challenges that rapidly changing FS global businesses are currently seeing. Hosted on the Finance Dublin website (over 150,000 monthly page views) it will be a primary through-the-year platform for your advertising and branding presence in 2020.

As well as an unique guide to the IFS major players in Ireland, The Yearbook it will be a marketing document for Ireland, and its IFS companies as participants in a world class financial services platform through 2020 and into early 2021. This message will be particularly apposite in 2020 as IFS in Ireland marks new standards and benchmarks as a global centre of excellence, as the Brexit process evolves. This is seen, for example in the nesting down of passported approvals in Ireland by the Central Bank as a result of Brexit, enhancing and deepening the eco-system described in the Finance Dublin Yearbook that is Ireland's IFS sector.

Please visit the Yearbook website here

MARCH 2020 : (Vol. 25 No.1) Nominations edition for the Deals of the Year 2020 - winners to be announced in the May edition.

APRIL 2020 : (Vol. 25 No.2) Finance Dublin Top 20 Accountancy Survey will examine whether the buoyant environment for Irish accounting, audit, tax and advisory services of 2019 will continue at the similar strong pace seen in 2019-2018. The Finance Dublin 2019 Top Twenty Accountancy Survey said: there is "strong evidence that the post Brexit Irish IFS model was working. Furthermore, the findings of the survey provided strong grounds for concluding that Brexit will be a net positive for the Irish economy as a whole, and not just the most outstanding elements of it, such as the international financial services industry. Clearly, the 13%+ growth rate recorded in the past two years is evidence of the continuing buoyancy of the island economy - the survey figures confirmed this. They also gave encouraging evidence of the broad based nature of it - including the agribusiness sector, and Northern Ireland too; the fee data from 8 of the largest firms in the survey relates to business they conduct on an all-island basis".

MAY 2020: (Vol. 25 No.3) The Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards 2020 - See here for the latest edition of Finance Dublin. The next edition will be published in May 2020. The Deals of the Year Awards recognise the best in class Irish corporate finance deals each year and profiles the leading deal makers and advisers in the Irish market and also serves to highlight the world class professional services expertise that exists to service Ireland's corporate and financial services sectors.

Thirty four deals were recognised across six categories in the Deals of the Year, 2019, out of over 150 nominations. The deals are across the spectrum of Ireland’s capital markets and its international financing and structuring industry, ranging from the M&A Deal of the Year, NJJ’s acquisition of eir, Equity Capital Markets Deal, Applegreen, to landmark innovating deals in aviation finance and first ever developments in securitisation. The 34 winning deals, and the teams, institutions, companies and people who created, are profiled in the Report.

JUNE 2020: (Vol. 25 No.4) The editorial sections in each edition are designed to support, explain and highlight the global leading sectors such as corporate and investment banking, structured finance, aircraft leasing, international insurance, global custody, securities trading, international fintech and funds, securities, and ETF listings.

JULY 2020: (Vol. 25 No.5) Contact editorial dept directly for a more detailed breakdown of the stories in this edition.

AUGUST 2020: (Vol. 25 No.6) Contact editorial dept directly for a more detailed breakdown of the stories in this edition.

SEPTEMBER 2020: (Vol. 25 No.7) Contact editorial dept directly for a more detailed breakdown of the stories in this edition.

OCTOBER 2020: (Vol. 25 No.8) Contact editorial dept directly for a more detailed breakdown of the stories in this edition.

NOVEMBER 2020: (Vol.25 No.9)

Corporate Banking Report - See the most recent edition here. The demand for corporate banking services in Ireland is in a state of robust good health, with private equity, inward and outward investment activity all showing strongly positive signs. The Report follows in a line of previous Reports published by Finance Dublin and is a platform for the leading providers of finance to Ireland's corporates to showcase their full range of services and innovative solutions that can help companies grow while managing risks and uncertainties caused by Brexit, the changing interest rate environment in Europe and FX volatility.

DECEMBER 2020 : (Vol. 25 No.10)
Finance Dublin Investment Funds Ireland Report, 2021, Global Strategies in Asset Management. Please visit the latest edition here.

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