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Corporate Banking & Treasury 2010

Successful treasury strategies to survive the greatest Irish banking crisis ever
Given Ireland is facing the greatest banking crisis in its history corporate treasurers are faced with a unique set of challenges. The shape of what is to come is not certain with the possibilities of foreign ownership, size limitations on Irish banks and mergers all possible outcomes. These dramatic developments leave the Irish corporate treasurer faced with serious decisions regarding both the risk management and funding decisions for his company in this strained and uncertain environment. We look at the risks including sovereign risk, foreign exchange risks, bank counterparty risk & also look at means to get through the crisis successfully such as capital markets solutions to raise needed funding.

Cash management options for multinationals
Optimising cash and liquidity and streamlining payment and collections processes are two of the key cash management objectives for corporate treasurers writes BNP Paribas's KIERAN FAHY. To achieve these goals, while managing increasingly important sovereign and counterparty risks, corporate treasurers need timely access to information he says

Banking relationships strategy - how to compare and choose your banks
Important factors to be considered when choosing a service provider are its global footprint, quality of service, pricing and the strength and stability of the bank. Having multiple banking relationships allows a company to benefit from each bank's areas of expertise and makes them less vulnerable to potential service withdrawals says Investec's CRIONA FITZGERALD.

Funding shifting to the US Model
Banks are currently bringing large corporates to the capital markets rather than expanding their balance sheets. The shift to a greater reliance on capital markets is a natural evolution for the European markets says Barclays's CIARAN KANE

Funding and servicing the move to a low-carbon economy
Green finance is a significant growth sector and for a bank to deliver maximum benefits to corporate clients in the sector they must make a combined offering across treasury, securities servicing and corporate banking says Bank of Ireland's PAUL HARRIS