The Yearbook & Directory of Ireland's international financial services industry Sunday, 22nd April 2018
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    Order a copy of the Finance Dublin Yearbook - The 2018 Yearbook is the 25th edition of a publication that provides an unparalleled insight into Ireland's international financial services industry. Aside from new profile information for over 500 companies, and over 1,000 executives in the Company and 'Whos Who' sections of the Yearbook, there are Review and Outlook Round Tables for each industry segment - Banking, Investment Funds, Insurance, Aviation Finance, and Structured Finance & Debt Securities, and an overview section for the IFS industry in Ireland, with statistical information on Ireland's international financial services industry and its impact on the Irish economy.

    Epaper edition - Purchasers of the print edition also get the e paper edition. The price (€85.00) includes post and packaging. (Please enquire for additional copy orders).

    You can alternatively email your order to : yearbook@fintel.org

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