Speakers and Thought Leaders

The Summit, on October 17th 2017, in The Printworks in Dublin Castle and other venues in the Dublin Castle complex will feature Plenary Sessions, with global thought leaders, in the plenary sessions and in the fifteen panels in three Streams running through the day, enabling delegates to access a range of cutting edge discussions.

Plenary Session Themes and Topics will be addressed by global thought leaders, policy makers and regulators-supervisors, addressing topics in these areas, and questions such as these:

  • Financial centres in the EU after Brexit - a distributed financial centre model
  • Held in Dublin, it will focus on the global issues in the five International Financial Services hubs where Ireland is a leading world financial centre
  • What sectors, where - globally?
  • Where will specialist hubs for FS cluster in post Brexit Europe?
  • Financial regulation in America under the new administration.
  • EU-US Financial services trade - the biggest global trade route - how will Brexit affect it, and how might disruption be minimised?
  • Japan, China, the new US administration, and the growth of financial services markets in Asia.
  • Can the EU and the UK achieve a 'Zero Plus' result from the Brexit negotiations that can lead ideally to a gain for both the EU 27 and the UK, or at least a containment of losses from the fracturing of the single market for financial services in Europe?
  • The Quest for Equivalence: Governor Carney of the Bank of England has said: 'Brexit will be a litmus test of the future of international cooperation. The UK and the rest of the EU have exactly the same rules and the most highly developed frameworks of supervisory cooperation. Their capital and banking markets are already highly integrated. They have the potential to create the template for trade in financial services.' Can this vision be maintained, and how can it be?
  • Predictions of how UK FS will evolve to adapt optimally to the exigencies of Brexit.
  • The potential implications of Brexit for British Offshore Territories.
  • Taxation: the OECD and G20 agenda, BEPS, and its implications for cross border FS delivery
  • Fintech, Regulatory Sandboxes, Blockchain .

The Summit Streams

Leading decisionmakers and advisers will participate in the Summit Streams panels as they deliver their assessments of the evolving business models and the adjustments necessary for the environment of 2018.

  • Investment Funds and Asset Management
  • Reinsurance and Insurance
  • Banking & Clearing
  • Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance
  • Debt Securities & Market-Based Finance