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The 2008 Global Financial Services Centres Conference
Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th June 2008, Dublin (The Royal Hospital Kilmainham)

The aims of the conference and who should attend

From Hong Kong, to Kazakhstan, to the Middle East, Europe, Vancouver, and the Pacific islands, Governments, regulators and financial services companies around the world are demonstrating an increased awareness of the value of promoting financial services industries as a driver of both economic growth and high quality employment in their countries.

Meanwhile, that awareness is just as acute amongst the leading financial centres, of London and New York, as shown, for example, by the initiative of Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Schumer to ask how New York can protect itself from losing business to overseas centres.

The Inaugural Global Financial Services Centres conference in Dublin in June 16th and 17th 2008 will bring together a star studded cast of the world's leading authorities, from both the industry, Government, regulators, and consultants on the question of Who is Winning and Why in the global race by centres to develop.

The sole agenda of the conference is to offer delegates from financial centres an insight into the imperatives for their centres to develop, and, if their centres are losing traction, to find out why.

It will cover both fiscal and regulatory drivers of success in developing financial centres, pointing out that once a stable constitutional, legal, and economic framework is established, how important it is that enlightened regulatory approaches are taken to financial services, as well as enlightened policies on taxation.

This will mean that successful centres have to recognise that in a free world, competitive forces are applying to make certain centres more successful than others. This applies both to large and small countries, and regions, a point that two of the conference's keynote speakers, Commissioner Charlie McCreevy of the European Union, and Commissioner Paul Atkins of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will be making during the course of the conference.

Many case studies will be given at the conference from a myriad of centres, and from cross border sectors, such as hedge fund administration, pan European pensions, treasury, insurance, and aviation finance, all with a view to uncovering unique ideas and initiatives that need to be taken by centres, and companies operating in those centres, to succeed.

The conference will be of primary interest to international financial services companies looking to develop maximum cost, fiscal, and regulatory advantage from their multinational and cross border strategic positioning. It will also be of prime interest to regulators and policymakers aiming to achieve a better environment for their own internationally trading financial services centres to thrive.

I look forward to welcoming you to the conference

Conference Director

Ken O'Brien

Managing Director

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